About Us

GM ENGINEERING specialized in Design, Manufacturing / commissioning and services of Pressure Vessels, Agitators, Storage vessels, Reactors, Blenders, Distillation columns, Mixtures, Disperser Blades, Dispersion Blades, Industrial Disperser Blades, Industrial Dispersion Blades.

GM Engineering is professionally managed company & supplied products to various Chemical, Food & Pharma, oil & Gas industries.

Mr Sunil Yashwant Mali is a main promoter of GM Engineering having experience of 10 years in the same field.

about us

Mission :
a) Deliver the quality products to customer satisfaction.
b) Full fill the customer needs.
c) Manufacturing the brand of quality products.

Vision :
a) Manufacturing of new creative & cost efficient & effective process Tents.
b) 110 Manufacturing 100 % efficient & effective products.